InterContinental Hotels Commercial Wedding Photography shoot in Singapore / by Justin Mott

I’ve photographed dozens of weddings and I’ve photographed a dozen of luxury resorts so it only made sense that I was hired to do a commercial shoot to promote weddings at INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS and Resorts worldwide. Over the years Intercontinental has become huge client for us and I love their brand.

The shoot came from IHG’s Singapore office and they needed a location that could pass for one of there over 100 locations worldwide. We helped come up with the concept of shooting along with the advertising firm REDWORKS out of Singapore. We wanted to use all natural light and have the appearance of a real wedding day.

Since the budget didn’t call for a full on wedding full of models we had to focus on just the bride and the groom. Basically we needed to trick a wedding without having the guests. For our model couples we needed to cover 3 different demographics, Pan-Asian, Caucasian, and Middle Eastern. We had one day with each couple at the same exact locations, so by day 3 I was starting to feel like movie Groundhog Day.

ENFOCAFOTOS,out of Singapore did the production and it was top notch. I highly recommend them for production on photoshoots, they were a treasure to work with and everything ran smoothly and I have to say this is rare on photoshoots.

Enfocafotos scouted out some great locations in the park and for the interior shots we chose to shoot at the Intercontinental Singapore. We had to leave out distinctive backgrounds that could show a specific location or country. Normally my job is to bring people to a specific location, now I was being asked to make it look like it could be anywhere.

The shoot took 3 days, sun up to sun down and luckily we had good weather for the most part. We shot almost everything with natural light using reflectors to make it feel like a real wedding and we shot a ton to capture as many natural moments in an unnatural setting. You have to remember these models just met that day and now we had to make them look like it was their wedding day and try to capture fake love.

The trick do doing so is one, have great models, which we did, and two shoot very loosely and open and try not to set up too much. I shot with two Canon bodies and two prime lenses at all times. I shot and reshot scenes over and over until we got it right, it needed to be believable and that takes time.

This was really a spectacular shoot because I love that the Intercontinental believes in capturing real moments using natural light, even for commercial purposes. The result I feel is a believable product and if your patient, a consistent final product across all their brands. People are visually savvy these days and when something is over Photoshopped the viewer loses trust in the image and can lose trust in your brand. I’ve worked with Intercontinental for a while now and I really love the visual brand identity we are helping them to create and I applaud their guts to shy away from the norm and invest in this approach.

Here is a series of some of my favorite shots from our 3 days in Singapore, thanks to our wonderful models,Enfocafotos, Redworks, and Intercontinental Hotels.

Let's look at some our favorite shots